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Cancercon is an International Conference on Cancer Biology joint venture between Cancer Research and Relief Trust (CRRT) and IIT Madras, Chennai, India. This meeting serves as an interface between oncologists and scientists.

Cancer is such a heterogeneous disease that even in one single cancer type, there are so many sub types and each behaves differently. In our country, there has been a great divide between clinicians and basic researchers, each working independently without cohesion.

The Cancercon meetings provide an unique opportunity for clinicians who face problems, to interact with basic scientists who can give the answer to their problems, which will lead to many more cures.

Clinicians have looked at various reasons for this, like disease stage, response to treatment, etc. but have reached no where. Now they are looking at genetic signature and inter-cellular pathways of the tumor which can be targeted.

The Trust, in collaboration with The Department of Biotechnology, Indian Institute Of Technology, Madras, conducted its 2nd International conference, CANCERCON 2014, dealing with MOLECULAR MECHANISMS & NOVEL THERAPEUTICS at IC and SR Auditorium, in the campus of I.I.T. between 30th January and 2nd February 2014. Pls visit YouTube for more -
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CRRT International Cancer Research Award

As an organisation committed to research particularly in cancer biology, and in order to acknowledge the outstanding contribution of scientists in this field CRRT instituted the CRRT International Cancer Research Award.

To recognize excellent scientific achievement and to promote basic and translational cancer research, CRRT established an International Cancer research prize to honour a scientist who has made fundamental contributions to basic or clinical cancer research through a single discovery or a volume of work. 

The 1st CRRT International Cancer Research Award, was presented during the Inaugural function of Cancercon2014 to

Prof. Dr. Axel Ullrich - Director of Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Martinsried
for his distinguished contribution towards Advances in Cancer Treatment.

His contributions have resulted in successful and novel treatment modalities to fight cancer and to improve the life of cancer patients worldwide
He was awarded a citation, a silver plaque, a personal honorarium which was sponsored by a donor and also support to attend Cancercon2014. After the award ceremony he gave a public lecture on his work to the august audience of Scientists and Clinicians.

Cancer Research and Relief Trust and I.I.T's Biotechnology Department conducted their 1st International Cancer Biology conference between 18th and 20th February 2010 at the IC and SR Auditorium in I.I.T.
Many noted scientists from all over the world and oncologists from various parts of India attended this conference which was the first of its kind in India and therefore enjoyed good coverage in all the dailies and in the television channels of the state.