A distinct feature about our Trust is that more than 90% of the finance received as donation is solely used for the treatment of cancer patients. The conduct of the various activities of the Trust, including Awareness and Screening Programs are sponsored through the good offices of the doctors and even the paramedical staff provide their services free.

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The Cancer Research and Relief Trust (CRRT) is a charitable organization that is dedicated to provide cancer treatment on a not for profit basis. The goal of this organization is to develop more effective methods to treat cancer, improve the overall quality of life for the patients and strive to understand the causes of the diseases in order to prevent it.

The Trust consists of a team of Surgeons and Physicians with specialized experiences in Cancer Treatment. The founding members include Dr C S Mani, Dr S Ayyappan, Dr Ganapathy Raman and Dr Vikas Mahajan.

RELIEF FOR PATIENTS: This is the foremost objective of the Trust. Support includes surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, meeting drug costs, nursing care and in some cases hospital charges. Patients with terminal cancer are also provided palliative care.
The doctors of the Trust extend their help to all cancer patients regardless of their economic status, by way of providing Chemotherapy drugs at distributor rates and also making arrangements for CT scans/MRI and other such investigations to be done at concessional prices.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) for physicians, general surgeons and Post Graduate students as well as qualified oncologists is an integral part of CRRT’s activities. The doctors regularly take classes for paramedics also.




On the 11th of April 2014 AFLA - Asian Federation for Laryngectomees Association, Japan, gave an award to CRRT for `Best Group Activity', in recognition of the Esophageal Speech Therapy workshops that have been regularly conducted for the benefit of Laryngectomy patients. CRRT is honoured to receive this prestigious award on the international stage at the Laryngectomees Workshop in Philippines.
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